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The Method

Registered Stock

Our sires and dams come from purebred registered ancestry, including AKC poodles and ABCA border collies. Registration of breeding stock helps to ensure quality lineage in our puppies.

Canine Health Check

Our sires and dams have all been genetically tested for the presence of certain genes known to cause health issues with border collies and poodles.  With these test results and the guidance of our vet who specializes in breeding, we can produce healthy puppies.

Good Dog

Working with leading veterinarians and animal welfare science experts, Good Dog screens each breeder to ensure responsible practices that put the health and well-being of the dog first.


All puppies are up to date on vaccinations and vet evaluations.  Your packet will include vaccination information and a schedule to help you keep your puppy healthy.


Your puppy is microchipped before delivery that allows your puppy to be identifiable should he/she ever be lost. Your packet will include information for registering your microchip.


ENS is Early Neurological Stimulation. The first 4 weeks after a puppy is born are critical for physical and mental stamina. Our program increases tolerance to stress and disease, and strengthens the heart and adrenal system.

Health Guarantee

We take steps to ensure the very best health in our puppies from the time of conception. While most breeders offer a 1-2 year health guarantee, 5¢ can confidently provide a 5 year health guarantee.

Puppy Culture

We use advanced socialization to expose puppies to different sights, sounds, people and pets to prepare them for unfamiliar situations. By gently pushing boundaries, we hope to help your puppy avoid behavior problems in the future.

VPA Test

Volhard's Puppy Aptitude Test is the best way to gauge behavioral tendencies and predict a puppies temperament. Individual evaluations are performed at 7 weeks. The purpose is to place the right puppy with the right home.

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