The Girls



Border Collie

ABCA Registered

Black and White

20 inches tall

30 lbs


Trudy is energetic, adoring and athletic.  At only 30 lbs, she is a small border collie, and her short coat makes her easy to groom. Trudy likes to explore and loves to be (super) close to her human. She likes a quick, fast-paced task and has been trained by Kellie Herrington at T/K Border Collies in Ponder, Texas.



Border Collie

ABCA Registered

Brown and White

30 inches tall

39 lbs

Dottie is a real beauty. She has a sweet and calm personality. Tough when asked to work, she isn't phased by a challenge. Dottie is both eager to please and affectionate. She is a good ranch hand and has been trained by Sonya Blomberg at Sweet Iron Ranch in

Long Branch, Texas.



Moyen Poodle

AKC Registered


21 inches tall


Gretchen is the perfect mix of playful and loving. She is extremely eager to please and has proven to be a real sweetheart. Gretchen is quick to learn and extremely obedient. She has a remarkable temperament that we hope she passes on to her puppies in the spring of 2023.