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The Breeds

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The Border Collie

Regarded as the most intelligent breed, border collies were bred for their ability to herd livestock. They have a smooth trot with the ability to be stealthy, and they display incredible agility and quickness. These dogs are "remarkably smart workaholics; not adverse to a good cuddle". (AKC) Known to be tenacious, energetic, keen, responsive and alert, border collies are loving and playful.

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The Poodle

The second most intelligent breed, the poodle, is playful and adventurous. Poodles made their beginnings as both water-sport dogs and military dogs. They carry themselves with pride and have a light, springy stride. This breed is faithful, playful, trainable and alert. Poodles are instinctual and loyal. The United Disabilities Services Foundation lists both poodles and border collies among the top 5 breeds for service jobs.


The Bordoodle

A Bordoodle is a hybrid cross between a border collie and a poodle, the two most intelligent breeds in the world.  They are smart, athletic, loving and beautiful. Their coats are low to non-shedding.  This breed is naturally well behaved, even tempered and easy to train. Because bordoodles are affectionate and tolerant, they make excellent companions. 

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