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Dog people
are the
best people

Located on the 5¢ Ranch in Henderson, Texas


Our Story

My husband and I live on a small cattle ranch in East Texas where we raised four daughters.  We are both graduates of Texas A&M University and have taken pride in building 5¢ Canine Co. as a top notch breeding program. Our daughters are involved at the ranch, making this a fun family affair.

What We Do

At 5¢ Canine Co., we strive to produce the very best puppies for the very best people. Providing first class care for our dogs is our top priority. From facilities to neonatal care, our family goes above and beyond to practice breeding ethically and responsibly. We believe we have made available the best poodle and bordoodle puppies!

Our Canines

Our dogs make amazing companions for a large variety of homes, families and lifestyles. If you are looking for an easy to train dog that is highly intelligent, affectionate, athletic, loyal and cute, then you will love

5¢ puppies. Our AKC poodle puppies and F1 bordoodle puppies are the absolute best.

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